Michael Lynch, CFP®, ChFC, CLU
Financial Planner
Financial Services Representative

            --Our clients turn to us for a variety of reasons. Some need life insurance. Some are changing jobs. Some want a better benefits program for their employees. Some have a child with special needs. Each has opportunities and challenges that are unique to them. Over time, these opportunities and challenges may evolve or be replaced with new ones.


We help our clients build, protect and transfer wealth. 

For individuals and families, we design and execute plans that enable them to retire on their own terms, educate their children and ensure that life’s difficulties and tragedies do not leave them poor.

For families with members who have special needs, we create plans that help families through the maze of legal and financial complexities surrounding planning for the future.
For our business clients, we offer an array of simple solutions to potentially pay less taxes, maximize the value of the business, maximize their employee benefit dollar, and protect the integrity of the business in event of disability or untimely death of owners or key personnel.